Our Mission

A step further in IVF healthcare. Welcome to the Next Level IVF Clinic, a department of the Centre for Reproductive Medicine (CRG) of UZ Brussel. If you are visiting this website it probably means you have already had a number of failed ART attempts. This website contains more information about:

  • the reasons why IVF does not always work optimally,
  • possible alternatives, and
  • research we conduct at the CRG regarding this.
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Poor Ovarian Response

Sometimes, ovarian stimulation in an IVF|ICSI treatment does not produce any (or enough) ripe eggs. What if this is the case for you? spacer

Premature Ovarian Ageing (POA)

Bad ovarian response may be the result of premature ageing of your ovaries. Here you find everything you need to know about this. spacer

Repeated Implantation Failure (RIF)

Not every embryo implants in a natural cycle either. But what if with IVF/ICSI the embryo transfer repeatedly fails to result in pregnancy. spacer

Poor fertilisation

The IVF lab does not always produce the result we expect. What if the fertilisation of your eggs fails repeatedly? spacer

Poor embryo quality

The next crucial lab phase is the development of the embryo. This phase does not always produce the desired result either. spacer


Fertility medicine is constantly carrying out research. Here we discuss the study protocols and research projects concerning ‘even getting pregnant with IVF can be hard’. spacer