Our mission

A step further in IVF healthcare

Welcome to the Next Level IVF Clinic, a department of the Centre for Reproductive Medicine (CRG) of UZ Brussel.

ART stands for ‘Assisted Reproductive Treatment’, a term that covers all fertility treatments. The two most current are of course artificial insemination (possibly with donor sperm) and IVF, or ICSI, possibly with donor cells.

HT-in-KZH-2013If you are visiting this website it probably means you have already had a number of failed ART attempts. This website contains more information about:

  1. the reasons why IVF does not always work optimally,
  2. possible alternatives, and
  3. research we conduct at the CRG regarding this.

If you want to make an appointment immediately after reading this information, please use the application tool. This tool allows you to provide all the necessary information regarding your medical status, previous ART attempts and any other relevant information.
You can also call or mail us: see contact.

What can the Next Level IVF Clinic do for you?

In vitro fertilisation has become a routine treatment after all these years, and is offered in fertility centres all over Belgium, Europe and the world.
Unfortunately this routine treatment does not help everyone to have a child. Some couples need a little more than just routine.

For many years, the CRG of UZ Brussel has focused on improving and adjusting treatments, and to make them more comfortable and more efficient for patients. In addition to this we have always focused on specific niches, both in terms of care and research.
And over time we have developed unique expertise. We evolved from a so-called tertiary care centre –the CRG receives referrals from specialists (gynaecologists), i.e. from the second line in healthcare – to a quarternary care centre, referrals are also coming from the third line, more specifically IVF-fertility specialists.

The Next Level IVF Clinic at the CRG aims to provide specific care that is not ‘routine’. Apart from our high-quality routine care we also use our expertise to help couples who are not finding success, where IVF is not going as expected.
If your prognosis is poor – reduced chances of success with IVF – you can come to us for a consultation, for advice, for a personalised treatment (or study protocol), and for caring support in this difficult process.

Herman Tournaye, department head